So African Natural Oils supplies a wide range of Cold-Pressed Natural Oils to the Food & Cosmetics Industries. These oils are available in both certifed organic and conventional cold pressed quality.


So African Natrual Oils supplies organic certified and conventional cold pressed oil to the global food and cosmetics industries.

Cold pressed oil products include, but is not limited to Grape Seed Oil; Rosehip Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Moringa Oil (Ben Oil), Marula Oil, Baobab Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Hemp Oil, Flaxseed Oil & Macadamia Oil.

To ensure steady and spotless supply, SANO continues to add their own sourcing initiatives and processing operations throughout Southern Africa to its growing network of suppliers. For these projects we get involved in the entire supply chain from wild harvesting all the way to export.

It is our mission to work with the utmost respect with regard to our people, our suppliers, our customers and the environment.

So African Natural Oils is in process of being certified as an organic trader, and will be one of the first companies in the bio-trade sector in South Africa to gain organic status.



​All orders are shipped with a Certificate of Analysis that meets product specifications.


We can offer all preliminary documentation and Product Specifications Sheets for your R&D department, as well as samples for testing.

We continuously approve and evaluate our suppliers, and make regular audits;

We have great respect for the regulations in force on our production and packing sites, regarding sanitary safety, hygiene, controls and traceability;

We have the uptmost respect the environment by choosing raw materials which protect the biodiversity and by privileging the use of recyclable packages and the elimination of over-packaging;

We control the chemical, allergenic, physical, microbiological hazards according to the methods of the HACCP for the safety of our packaged oils;

We are currently in the process BRC and ISO 22000 certification.


So African Natrual Oils offers a wide variety of cold pressed oils in various bulk packings:

• Plastic pail or carton of 25 kg net
• Plastic canister of 30 litres, (28 kg net)
• Plastic canister of 60 litres, (55 kg net)
• Steel drum of 200 kg net
• Plastic IBC of 950 kg net

• Flexi-tank of 22,000 kg net

All our packaging selections are mindful of the environment and distinguish themselves with the following charateristics:

- UN approval
- Multipurpose use,
- Physiologically harmless

- Odorless and tasteless

- Optimal drainability

- IBC bins offer reuse capability

- IBC bins are great for shipping in ISO

  containers, & high rack warehousing